Andrew Bottomley - Chair

Andy an engineering manager at BAe Systems. He is keen for Mulberry to grow in the right areas and understands the importance of providing the correct support for the residents. He is able to manage projects and budgets and has travelled around the world managing multi miliion pound projects in his work. He is looking forward to developing projects within Mulberry and is keen to lead the trustees into the future. 


Alison Gordon -Trustee 

Alison was previously head of economic development for Manchester City Council. Her experience spans research, analysis, policy development, commissioning and project delivery. Alison is now responsible for New Economy’s Project Development Team, which works to secure investment and develop interventions that will drive long-term economic development. They bring together senior expertise from all sectors, to focus on identifying blockers to economic growth and develop new and radical solutions. Alison is passionate about the future of Mulberry and is keen to see it grow.

Nicola Johnston - Trustee

Nicola is a social worker working with young offenders in Lancashire. Nicola developed a keen interest in recovery whilst working in supported housing for her masters placement. She is keen to see the project move forward and is full of great ideas to do this.


If you have specialist skills such as a knowledge of the law, housing or finance and you want to use your skills to help Mulberry as a Trustee then please get in touch.